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Welcome coupe owners, those who love the coupe or those of you who have just discovered the beauty of BMW E9 coupes. Browse around, you'll find a list of reproduction parts available, lists of used and new parts for sale and pix of coupes I've owned in the last few years. There have been many more (50+ in the last 30 years of collecting), but these are the most recent. Questions? Call Dan at 970-472-1391 or text 970-215-4109 and I will get back to you right away. There is a maniac named macha who is interfering with my email, he will lie to you about myself and my business practices Please don't believe his lies, he might do the same to you some day. Thanks for visiting.


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BRAND NEW - rear wing now includes the third or center support. Price with ducktail is still only $1600 plus shipping..

This is it, rear CSL wing now includes the third or middle support for the same price of $1600 plus shipping. Also included is the correct trunk lid width ducktail, its complete and ready to assemble and install. Ends of parts that are assembled have resin poured in to accept a time cert or whatever you want to use to assemble the unit. Ducktail is intended to be installed with adhesive making drilling holes in the trunk lid unnecessary. 

Roof Hoop now includes the center support and stainless end mounting brackets. Still only $550

Brand New clamshell trunk mount tool box - Huge improvement in strength over originals - Inquire

Fully Restored 380 and 350mm diameter Petri CSL Steering wheels, OE. Spokes like new, new leather covering, correct in every way. Priced appropriate to rarity and beauty -- Price: Please Inquire

Reproduction Petri BMW CSL Steering Wheel Hub Cover, two lengths, 93mm for three lobe adaptors and102mm for the 4 lobe Petri adaptors - $115


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